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UYSR’s Social Yoga Project

Social Yoga is a project of  United Yoga Siem Reap which provides Yoga and Care to group Cambodian children and adult from different backgrounds. Our goal is to enable yoga to Cambodian social and to bring Yoga benefits into the daily living.

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“Below is Yoga article by Phare Cambodian Circus”

Yoga for Circus Performers

If you’ve ever seen a Phare, The Cambodian Circus performer in action, you’ve probably noticed their incredible flexibility and strength, and the ease with which they perform seemingly impossible acrobatics tricks. Artists train for years before they begin to perform. And, while there are several Phare shows, artists are usually assigned to one specific show and perform it for several years, so they know the choreography, timing, and tricks like the backs of their hands.

While this repetition results in performances looking effortless, it can also lead to strain and imbalance in the performers’ bodies.

To avoid injury and ensure that the high demands they place on their bodies don’t catch up with them as they get older, Phare performers have several resources. There is a physiotherapist backstage and a pharmacy with cold packs, cold sprays and many other products to reduce inflammation and irritation. They have access to equipment specifically designed to train muscles and reduce the chance of injury. There is also a full-time circus coach who guides them through exercises before and after the show.

According to Xavier Gobin, Phare’s Operations Manager, “The circus coach, Bonthoeun, guides them through warm ups and cool downs designed to minimize injuries and does muscle training to ensure that they are using the correct muscles and not overworking tendons or their spines. For example, men often have weak ankles, so we focus on that area to prevent sprains.”

The resources available to artists depends on the volunteers and staff that pass through Phare. Last year, a movement coach worked with artists for six months, teaching dance classes, providing massages and teaching artists self-care techniques. And another initiative was a yoga class taught by Piseth Lun.

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